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A day of service in the city of Moody

Better Day Logo gray no date.png


  • 8:30-9- Breakfast & Registration @ The Well

  • 9-9:15- Kick-Off

  • 9:15-12 - Service Projects

  • 12-1 - Lunch

  • 1 - Wrap Up at The Well

Why should I get involved?

Better Day is all about bringing people together to bring a better day to Moody. We need something positive to rally behind. Something to look forward to. Something to unite us. Real change is possible. A new day is dawning. It's bigger than any one church or any one group. It's all, together.

Who is involved in Better Day?

With the support of Moody ISD and the City of Moody, Better Day is organized and hosted by The Well. The day is not about any one organization though. It is a day where churches, student organizations, community groups, and individuals work together to bring real, significant change to Moody.

What will we be doing?

A wide variety of projects will be going on during Better Day. These include cleaning up public areas, beautifying downtown, and much more! Sign up for the project you are comfortable with. You'll know exactly what is expected of you before you show up that day!

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